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Leonardo Losoviz is the web developer/tech visionary of this project, who has designed and implemented the PoP framework.

Jun-E Tan is the researcher who works on content development for PoP projects, producing work concerning environmental issues, human rights and the social and solidarity economy, among others.

They both strongly believe that PoP is an exceptional tool for empowering civic society, and have been working towards this objective since early 2013. Their base is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



Work on what would eventually be PoP started in January 2013, as MESYM.com, a platform for environmental movements in Malaysia. It started as yet another WordPress website, and over time it incorporated features to make it more and more dynamic. After 7 months of design and implementation, the PoP engine was finalized, and the website became a single dynamic component. From then on, the software focused on adding social networking features.



In late 2015, discussion about the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement arrived in full force in Malaysia, and given the lack of inclusion of society in the debate, Leo and Jun-E, activists as they are, decided to launch a PoP website to enable their participation. For this, Leo re-engineered the code from MESYM.com to make it reusable by any other project, and so TPP Debate was born in December 2015.



Having had the code abstracted, it could be used for any other project out there, so Leo started looking for worthy causes which would benefit of a PoP website. Together with local activists, Leo then launched Agenda Urbana, a political activism platform for Buenos Aires, Argentina, to help civic society participate in matters concerning the city.


Having a few projects implemented, it was time to share the tool with the wider audience, and so the PoP framework was launched as open source in September 2016. Since then, Leo has been constantly improving the code, writing documentation, and attending events (such as WordCamps and WP meetups) to promote it among the development community.

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