Don’t believe what this website says, it is out of date!

This website that you are browsing is pretty out of date: It is still using the first version of PoP, which has been improved with nifty new functionality, and it is promoting only features which are obsolete by now. A new version of PoP provides much better features, and we are still working on its release.

Unfortunately, the process to release the new version of PoP is a long and winding one, and we are still working on it: We have recently finally released PoP API for WordPress, and our next target will be to enable to create the whole website. However, we expect this release to be ready in only a few months from now, and only then we will be able to update the information in this website.

Until then, to learn about what features PoP provides, please check our GitHub repo instead, which is being constantly kept updated. Sorry for the inconvenience (we are working for you!)


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the PoP framework is open source software which aims to decentralize the content flow and break the information monopoly from large internet corporations. Read more.