Europe tour

Leo will be traveling during all September, October and November 2016 in Europe, showcasing the PoP framework. The first stop was WordCamp Frankfurt 2016, and a few more stops have been already defined:

1st – 5th Frankfurt WordCamp Frankfurt 2016
5th – 9th Cologne Pirate Summit
9th – 12th Leipzig
12th – 19th Hamburg
20th – 22nd Karlsruhe WP Meetup Karlsruhe
23th – 28th Munich Bits&Pretzels
WP Meetup Munich
… – 4th Sevilla WordCamp Sevilla 2016
5th – 15th Paris, Montpellier, Bordeau, Toulouse
15th – 23rd Barcelona
24th – … Spain
5th – 6th Cantabria WordCamp Santander


If you’re interested in having a meetup to see the PoP framework, and you’re along this route or nearby, please tell Leo and he’ll meet you…

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