Improved performance: FMP < 1 sec, SpeedIndex < 1250

After deploying PoP’s latest feature, dynamic bundling of resources, PoP sites experience a wonderful performance boost in their initial load. For instance, site Agenda Urbana is now scoring a sweet 1164 Speed Index score and rendering the first meaningful paint (FMP) in just 0.8 seconds, both below the recommended goal of 1250 for Speed Index and under 1 second for FMP:

Having the lowest possible loading time for our sites has become priority #1, more since Google announced that, starting from July 2018, page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches.

Because of this, we will keep working hard on producing the most optimized website ever. We plan to lower the Speed Index score even further with the following developments:

  • Add all assets loaded by WordPress itself (eg: jQuery, others) into the bundles (currently they are not)
  • Split Bootstrap into all of its components, to be loaded as needed through code-splitting
  • Route content through a CDN also when initially loading the site
  • Use IntersectionObserver for lazy-loading images and producing infinite-scrolling (the latter one will remove the dependency on library Waypoints)
  • Enable images to be loaded from an image optimizer service (such as Cloudinary)

As usual, enjoy!

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