New feature: automated emails

Our latest implemented feature is a great one: all content in the website, either general content open to the public, as much as personal content that only logged in users can see, can also be sent through email, with no extra effort or duplicated work, because the email html code can be produced from the same source as the website pages. This is indeed code reusability to the extreme: creating a webpage can be used in both front and back-end (through server-side rendered html), and now also in emails sent to the users.

Even more, there is no need even to convert CSS to inline styles for the emails, since this is already taken care of automatically using library PHP CSS Parser (there is a limitation though: it only works for single-level classenames (eg: .btn); there is no support for other forms in the css, such as concatenated classnames (eg: .btn.btn-info), nested classes (such as .btn.btn-info), or html elements (eg: input[type="submit"]).

Digest with personal notifications, sent daily to the users

Digest with personal notifications, sent daily to the users

This way, it is now possible to create email digests with any content shown in the website, such as:

  • Personal daily notifications
  • Daily digests of new posts
  • Daily digests of upcoming events
  • Reminder emails to the users attending an event, on the day of the event (“Attend event” functionality must still be implemented #7)
  • Feedback emails to review the quality of the service sent to a user buying a product, after it has been delivered (the market place must still be implemented #14)
  • Others

All implemented new code can be found under wp-content/plugins/pop-frontendengine/library/css-to-style-conversion and wp-content/plugins/poptheme-wassup-automatedemails.

As always, enjoy!

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