Notes on PoP’s code migration to Composer

We have finally started migrated PoP to Composer components, hence it will soon be possible to install it with a simple `composer require` command. We are expecting this task to be finished around end of 2019. The migration involves the following actions:

All components already migrated can be found under PoP’s account in GitHub: To date, we have migrated the following components:

  • root: Declaration of dependencies shared by all PoP components
  • engine-wp: Implementation of PoP Engine for WordPress
  • engine-wp-bootloader: PoP Engine Bootloader for WordPress
  • engine-symfony: Implementation of contracts for PoP Engine through Symfony components
  • hooks: Contracts to implement hooks (filters and actions) for PoP
  • hooks-wp: WordPress implementation of the contracts to implement hooks (filters and actions) for PoP
  • translation: Translation API for PoP components
  • translation-wp: Implementation of the Translation API for WordPress
  • cache: Contracts for implementing caching for PoP components
  • cache-symfony: Implementation of the contracts for caching through Symfony Cache
  • filestore: Base classes to save files to disk, read them and reference them through an URL
  • spa: Single-Page Application for PoP

In addition, we have created a Bootstrap project for WordPress, enabling to quickly install WordPress together with PoP. This project will contain the most basic PoP components, which will be continuously added as their migration is completed.

The most important component in PoP is engine, since it contains the fundamental logic for rendering components in PoP. This component is currently being migrated. Once its migration is complete, PoP’s fundamentals will be in place, so that any application will be able to use it. From then on, the other components to migrate will be features.

The migration is taking a very long time due to the following reasons:

  • PoP’s code was based on WordPress, which is very old. Hence, we’re conveniently converting PoP to a modern codebase, based around components installed through Composer, and full compatibility with the PHP Standard Recommendations, particularly PSRs 1, 2 and 4
  • During the previous 5 years, we developed tons of functionalities which must be migrated to the modern codebase

How many components must still be migrated for the migration to be completed? A lot:

If anyone is unwilling to wait for so long until the migration is complete, and want to contribute with the migration, give Leo a shout!

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