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PoP is being migrated into components

PoP has historically been called a “framework”. The reason for this is that, having started as a project for WordPress, its architecture expected to manage the whole website. Then, if you wanted to run PoP, it had to be a PoP website. It was an all or nothing situation.

However, this situation will soon be drastically improved: We are currently migrating PoP from a monorepo into a set of components, each of them hosted under its own repo, and all of them managed and tied together through Composer. The components can be installed independently of each other and, quite importantly, they will be CMS-agnostic. Having an architecture based on components, PoP is not expecting to take over the site any longer: components be added into any website to improve its capabilities, providing specific features (such as the component-based API)

Our aim is to release the components providing an implementation for WordPress and, in the future, provide an implementation for October CMS (given the availability of time and man power for the task). We expect to start releasing the first components around May 2019.