The PoP framework now works Offline first

Exciting news! Thanks to the implementation of Service Workers in plug-in pop-serviceworkers, the PoP framework now supports websites going Online first! That means that the website will still work, even if the internet connection is flakey or non-existent, or the user is offline.

Online first provides the following advantages:

  • Once loaded, all content on the website is downloaded on to the browser, and available either with or without an internet connection
  • Resources are pre-cached, so the initial load of the website and every webpage is faster
  • The user can work offline and, once back online, submit content
  • (In the future) Periodic background sync to download the latest content automatically

Offline first is currently supported only in Chrome and Firefox, while Edge is on the process of adding support for it, and Safari considering implementation. The status on which browsers support it can be found in the Is ServiceWorker ready? website.

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