Background (pre)loading

Certain pages can be loaded in the background, for several use cases:

Just once when first loading the website:

  • Pre-load the initial views, so they are already loaded by the time the user clicks on the corresponding link, and it opens immediately straight from the client. Eg: when clicking on the “Add comment” or “Add post” links.

After loading a page:

  • Load its page-related user-state, which is not included in the original response (see “Cache”)
  • Load its non-cacheable/stale data, that is data which may be different in the cached page and in the database. Eg: adding a comment on a post does not delete the cache, so the posts’ comment-count appearing in the cached page may be stale; it is then retrieved in the background immediately after loading the page and updated accordingly.

Constantly every x amount of time:

  • Load the user state, user notifications, user messages, etc, to display them dynamically, and to log the user out if having logged out in another tab
  • Real time updates, alerting of new content recently posted


Pages are constantly being loaded in the background

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