PoP was designed to give a very friendly experience to the user.

Deep linking

PoP has support for deep linking: related information that appears on some component, such as in a modal window, can also be assigned a URL for itself, so that the user can display the same content on a new tab.




When clicking on the link with the location, a modal window will appear. However when doing “Open in a new tab” on the same link, the same content appears on its own page. Notice that the link with the location has its own URL

Multiple views

PoP makes it very easy to have different visualizations of the same data, in different formats, such as a feed, a list, a map, or any custom visualization.



Different visualizations of the same data

To implement different views, we must implement a different block for each view, all of them similar but with different inner modules (their visualization layouts), and then set-up the configuration of which block will be loaded for each visualization, which is passed under attribute “format” in the URL.

class PoPTheme_Wassup_Template_SettingsProcessor extends GD_Template_SettingsProcessorBase {

	function get_page_blocks($hierarchy, $include_common = true) {

		$ret = array();

		if ($hierarchy == GD_SETTINGS_HIERARCHY_TAG) {
			// Set the blocks for page "Posts", which has $id = 32
			$ret[32]['blocks']['list'] = GD_TEMPLATE_BLOCK_TAGWEBPOSTS_SCROLL_LIST;
			$ret[32]['blocks']['thumbnail'] = GD_TEMPLATE_BLOCK_TAGWEBPOSTS_SCROLL_THUMBNAIL;
			$ret[32]['blocks']['fullview'] = GD_TEMPLATE_BLOCK_TAGWEBPOSTS_SCROLL_FULLVIEW;

		return $ret;
new PoPTheme_Wassup_Template_SettingsProcessor();

(Source) What block with what visualization will be used is defined on a page by page basis; one block or another will be loaded depending on the value of the “format” attribute in the URL

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