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PoP is open source software released under GPL 2.0, which means you are free to run, study, share and modify the software as you please. Simply download the software from our repository in GitHub, and then follow the installation instructions.

If you need any help, please contact us with your inquiries/problems/suggestions and we’ll be happy to help.

In addition, for a hands-off experience, we offer our services to implement websites, read on…

Verticals: our services to implement your website

The PoP team is working on the launch of Verticals, an initiative to implement vertical portals and clusters of niche websites for anyone.


Verticals empowers decentralized online communities. Visit us at our website to learn more.

The benefits are many, for you, us and the community:

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We are the creators of the PoP software, so we know all about it.
We have plenty of experience making PoP websites and deploying them to the cloud, so your project will be up and running very quickly.
We can upgrade your website with the latest software updates and security patches as soon as they are out of the oven.
You will have access to special components not available in the repository, such as libraries for: integrating PoP with Amazon Web Services, launching several websites in a unique server, and more.
Code developed for your website can be added to the open source repository (the decision is yours).
The income allows us to keep developing the PoP software for the long term (we don’t want this to be a part-time job, or have to have an office job just to fund ourselves).

Quite importantly, by employing our services, you will be contributing to the PoP project, enabling us to keep developing the software for the long term. Who are we?


Leonardo Losoviz is the creator of the PoP framework, having designed and developed the software.


Jun-E Tan designs the overall communication and community engagement strategies.

We offer discounts for NGOs!

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